Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Grand Architect

yep, you get the idea. Now pay attention. The Masons will as usual scoff and play possum, but what I am going to unleash here you need to know.

The Masons are wizards. The end. In fact a Lodge aught to be termed a Coven. There is a prevailing notion that somehow the Illuminati infiltrated the Masons or something of that nature. There is also a notion that Somehow Masonry was founded by an appreciation of Architecture or building. Misdirection. In fact the Illuminati and The Masons, always have been one. Those who found Masonry were not builders of anything as simple as structures. The Square and Compass are relatively new implements in European culture, but Masons claim Masonry to be as old as Egyptian pyramids. Note that.

The Masonic Square and Compass

Note that Washington wields a trowel, but where is the mortar?
The Builder's apron is another relatively new implement since 'man' started building.

If the Masonic Lodges are truly a club for masons, then we aught to have a situation where all builders and architects are in lodges. There would be no need for the "cloaks and daggers" attitude. So exclusive is the Freemasonry, that if you didn't know it existed you would die not ever noticing there's a lodge next door. See, I lived next to a few lodges and observed. Not much goes on to even suggest that this is a club of sorts. Yep, they like to believe they are a club, the Freemasons. So exactly what are they about? Who is this Grand Architect at the center of their gathering? You notice also that only prominent men of society are Freemasons.

Wizards used to wear aprons and gloves, when they immersed themselves in the art of potion mixing and incantations etc. See, the wizards of freemasonry are the 'heads' side of the international coin of Power. Power is not granted to such men as Europeans. It never was. Never will be. So they obtain it. The Masons job has been and always been to conjure out the schemes and plans for the acquisition of power. The Mason understands the fact that "all that is in the spirit will manifest in the physical reality". In the spirit the carry out all their work. Know that lodges are built directly on top of 'spiritual doorways/portals' never at random. If you were to map out all the world's known lodges, you'd get a nice geometric shape.

Which brings us to that very dodgy world of symbols. Symbols are used by witches and wizards, to perform certain tasks. Bring about a certain energy, summon a spirit, etc. That's what symbols are about and the masons are adept at that game. Understand then that the positions of these lodges are never accidental. Let us take an example of the Port Natal Masonic Lodge  on the Khuene&Nagel building. You will note that the Building in question is shaped like "π", a mathematical symbol. Very elaborate. That particular location for instance is one of 3 portals/doorways into the spiritual realm within the City of Durban.

The lodge in question specializes specifically in the acquisition of financial power. There, you can see the traffic of lizard creatures(chitawuli, Mkhulu Mutwa would call them), who go about fleecing the pockets of unsuspecting souls. I was amazed to find that one inyanga fellow, who antagonized me had one of these creatures in his lair. I digress. The Wizards at the Port Natal lodge are the key players in all the economics of the City of Durban and South Africa as a whole. They have another Setup on Argyle next to the sea, someday I'll explain what that one is for. I once decided to rough the chitawuli up as I walked past the lodge. I did that in order to observe where they would run to. Three centers they ran into. One on Argyle, One on Brickfield Road and The Lodge itself. Three portals. A triangle. From Pythagorus to Einstein, the Masons obsess over the triangle. Note that.

So then, who is this Grand Architect? It aught to be simple, but it is not. The common man is blind now, so the Wizards hide in plain sight. The Grand Architect of the Masons in none other than Azareal. A fallen arch. He is the one who taught them the art of Magi. He taught them things about the architecture of the earth. Vasco Da Gama a freeemason, left beacons on such sites on his voyages. And the name Natal had nothing to do with Christmas or anything of the sort. Natal speaks to the nature of the chakra point were are situated on top of in this region...

Monday, November 9, 2015

The de-Civilization of The Race and The Rise in Academic mumbo jumbo. PART1

I came into the world at a fringe of Slavery and freedom. The streets were aflame with burning tyres, and the blood and the tears, of my people, watered the grasses on the sidewalks. I can't for the life of me recall in my latent memory the details of all of it. But in my emotional memory I carry all of it. Any child born in the 80s in any South African township, like myself has and always will have a inexplicable mental tuning for the struggle and all things related. I theorize that we may have been the last stressed babies in the community. I digress.

Let us travel back in time. Say 17000BC. A time where the earth did not know Europe nor her maggot children. I can tell you that all that "is" today, mostly was "not" back then. The continent now called Africa had already given birth to innovation and civilizations. The reality is that there are many secrets held by Africa. Secrets your archaeologists may never uncover for that matter. And if ever they did, they would never understand. See, it is false to assume that the first civilization of Africa is exemplified by Khemet(whatever you children call it nowadays). In fact in 17000BC we had already changed our civilization strategy four times.

I want us to focus on the human intellect aspect in relation to the success of its civilizing. I will declare right away that, "human" is a concept that needs a total overhaul in it's entirety. We are not the same race as those who came forth by the genetic manipulation of Apes. Even they knew that very well and were pretty vocal about it, until the late 60s. I would also like to expand on that a bit. What you now call "Human" had been born out of a lab experiment. Labs are not unique to this age at all. When the ones you call 'black', reached the heights of their currently known civilization around 16994BC, a young ambitious man made an abominable discovery. This young man born under very strange circumstances, discovered a strange telling of history.

The story went like so: In the infancy of time and man, there was born to a woman a boy without a father. And at his birth it was discovered that he was evil incarnate. The woman was instructed to murder that boy, but she did not. instead choosing to hide with him, behind space and time. He grew fast and violence was his nature. He committed murder. There had never been murder at the time. Eventually he would kill his own mother. The boy grew to become the most feared being on the earth. Where men would instruct metals and stones to fashion certain ornaments and items, he would use fire to manipulate the metals and shape them at will. He would fashion weapons and other implements of killing. All this culminated to the first war ever visited upon the earth in 25300BC. Never had there been a thought or an idea of warfare until then. They say it all started when the king you now call "Heru", refused to allow this young man into the school of wisdom.

Monday, October 26, 2015


#FeesMustFall vs Friedman's: The Battle Rages.

Friedman And His ANC

It is 1994. Almost every face is beaming with hope. Hope for a prosperous future. Mandela a national terrorist,turned national hero, in his keynote address to the nation, implies a commitment by his party. A commitment which warranted hope even from an 8-year old, such as myself. Of course at that time, I couldn't vote. I remember that even with the hope, I still could not shake the feeling that something was amiss in the ANC story. I always have been the suspicious type. It is to be noted that my feelings at the time were purely a matter of intuition. The sixth sense. Fast forward to 1996, I recall a morning interview on Ukhozi FM's Abasiki Bebunda(while I was fastening my shoes laces getting ready for school), Mandela was questioned on the failures of the ANC to deliver on most of its promises, especially RDP housing. He responded thus:"abantu bakithi bayazi ukuba isisho sithi, intombi yeshelwa ngamanga...". I was taken aback, yet a voice within said; "I knew it".
As I grew in learning and observation. I started to look deeper into things. I heard and read from the conspiracy theorist, as well as from the intellectual. To me the world started to make sense beyond just my hunch. I read about Milton Friedman and his economic policies on free markets. It hit me like Newton's apple. Of course the ANC had been adopting these policies. The same policies that have failed to work everywhere they have been tested. I had seen the state under Mbeki sell of ISCOR, with thousands losing their jobs, and now I understood why. I saw under Mbeki, the state sell off DENEL(a previously state owned weapons manufacturer). I saw under Mandela the disassembly of the NPA. The National Ports Authority who had built roads, which are still usable to this say. I saw under the Mbeki, rise of the "tenderpreneural" sector, in the same way Russians saw the rise of the Oligarchs. Suddenly Murray&Roberts became a multi-billion rand constructor. I saw under Mbeki the swindling of state coffers by clever white constructors who built shoddy houses in places like Bruntville, Mooi River, then disappeared into thin air. Word is they migrated to Australia. I saw the rise of the Automotive industry. A citi gold which was worth R16000,brand new, in 1995, was now R60000 in 2003. These are some of the major transitions that we saw and ignored at the time. To paraphrase Mcebo Dlamini, the honeymoon phase. We then saw the opening of higher education to all races under Mandela, then later on, the merger of some major institutions the then Education minister Kader Asmal. All the while the education costs we skyrocketing, again unnoticed by the masses.

Well according to the policies of "free markets", education cannot be state funded, i.e. education cannot be free. Even subsidies on such things as bread and milk, is not advisable. The ANC had a problem. It had been instructed to adopt Friedman's policies, but had to do so swiftly and quietly. The Average South African, doesn't even know what the Government Gazette is. How I saw Mbeki sneak these policies in was by ensuring that the social grants we kept at the attractive level. As if to keep the poorest pacified and prolong the honeymoon. We saw all kinds of new social grants under Mbeki. The interesting part about it is, Mbeki was an economist by trade. He started to see the gaping gangrene, in free market policies he had adopted. That's when the NEPAD was born. African Leaders wanted an alternative system. But could not own up to the masses of what they had been busy doing. come 2007, it started to get very clear that Mbeki was starting to hear the call of Vavi to stop privatizing state instruments. Deals were now being delayed. It became clear that he had to go. Don't get me wrong, he needs to sit in that sin-bin and never come back, because we are here because of his own ink.


Enter 2015. Barely a year since Zuma was sworn into office the second time. It was July that we saw the rise of the Student. UKZN at the forefront of all things protest. I remember it was the same even during my day there. The culture of UKZN is that of, "don't let the gangrene set in". So campuses went up in flames, largely unnoticed by the rest of the country. Student leaders were arrested, but fee hikes were reverted. Then come October, Habib shocks awake the entire bourgeois student collective of Wits. A bunch of "better-of" children, who had been okay so far with the yearly fee hikes. Then UCT got the same double figures. And Stellies. The Whole country erupted. Twitter went crazy. The most human of our society came out hiding, in support of the students. Stories of struggling mothers and fathers, now became noticed. The media for the first time, knew who their news are for. We saw headlines morph in minutes. The most black hating and privileged came out of their hiding, with threats of immigration to Australia. The ones among us who were out of touch, finally got the verbal rebuke, they had been missing for decades.

The demand, albeit not new, was very clear. The Students want an education they can afford. An education very close to the promises of Mandela. And because they are awake from the honeymoon, the rest of the country must now awaken. Suddenly, it was very interesting to be alive in SA. The students finally learnt that their issues were universal and warranted coordinated demonstration across the country. The Police finally learned to keep their live ammo back at the station. Never has the conduct of police been under scrutiny, as it is today. To be completed...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Bad Robot

Bad robot
The whole construct of government is very much similar to a learning robot. It used to function at a servant capacity, but now it has figured out that It knows too much to take orders from us. See, the decisions that these "clevers" make everyday are a testament to the fact that the government entity is comprised of individuals who strongly believe in the lack of basic intelligence within the populace(their employer). We put these clevers in positions of responsibility(not power). And as such, we can simply remove the battery. Why we lack the determination to take control of the situation is mind bending.
By now all governments of the world should have been dissolved and the people take matters into their own hands, instead of trusting the next guy to do something different. It's no secret that these so called 'leaders' take us for fools. And it is clear that we indeed behave in such a manner. The most damning aspect of it is the policing. These imbeciles called the police somehow forget that the issues we take to the street for, do directly affect them. A day shall come when these individuals in uniform realize that they aught to be behind every single protest. But that is far from today.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

The Evil Of Man (Below The Threshold)

The Business

Money From Around The Globe
"We actually sell the clothing at four times its actual cost." - unknown.

Man is evil in his nature. That is the ALL of it. We can attempt to rationalize our evil in some way or even try to excuse it, but the ultimate truth is we are not entirely clear what it is that causes us to be inherently evil in nature. The levels of evil varies with each man, with respect to his nature and nurture. Since we can not really pinpoint the causality, how about the when? When can we say that man first showed the evil in him. All cultures disagree in the time-line of this event, but all cultures seem to agree that it was not long after his creation that man showed his evil.

How did he show this? By acting disobediently towards the Holy One. Shortly thereafter he committed murder. A slippery slope of descent it became. I want to attack this issue on the intrinsic scale. So we have to begin at the point of definition. So we must ask, What is Evil?

According to the English dictionary, Evil is: Profound immorality, wickedness, and depravity, esp. when regarded as a supernatural force. As the per definition, the subject is defined with reference to the another. This 'another' is what we term Good. What does Good, mean? Again according to the dictionary, Good is: That which is morally right; righteousness. From the definitions alone one can discern that there exists an inter-dependency between Good and Evil. Why is this?

To further illustrate this inter-dependency, let us look at some typical human actions:
Tom has the skill to bake bread, and he is the only one with that skill in the neighbourhood. He then decides to open a bakery to cater to the needs of the community. We classify this as a good action. In his practice of business Tom has to calculate the cost of making and delivering the bread, as any normal person would do. Then Tom goes on further, and says to himself i must obtain profit from this venture. Which is also normal. But, What does profit mean? Profit means that Tom will charge his customers more that the cost he had to pay to make the bread. Effectively Tom will cheat and squander. There creeps in the Evil.

As Tom's situation puts forth, there exists a duality in the actions and thoughts of Man. let us then look at another situation:
Pat is a young scout who likes to help the elderly cross the street. His actions facilitates safety and some ease to the less able. On the flip side, his actions may induce jealousy in some onlookers. So, while he embarks on a path of good, he creates evil alongside it. Even without intent. 

If our mandate is to do good, then how do we escape this duality? Or are we meant to achieve equilibrium instead? Even then, how do we achieve such a feat? I believe we must start at a place we call the Mind. I say this because I have yet to meet a man who can control the formation of his own Thought. And since your actions result from a thought, then we can safely assume that therein lies the well of Good and Evil, within each man. It is an interesting task to approach your mind from without. For in order to achieve it, we would have to say that there is a you who exists beyond the scope of your mind. Can man really exist outside of his mind?

Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Take On Spirituality

On Evil vs Good


"Who among you evil ones, when his child asks for bread, would give them a stone..." - Matthew Chapter 7.

In the mind of the common man, there exists two conflicting worlds. There are Angels and Demons, most would agree. Who among you have gone forth and investigated how exactly these worlds function and how man eventually becomes caught in the crossfire?

Loosely, the imagination would have it that there are beings walking around, invisible to the naked eye, whose main purpose is to whisper ideas into your head. The bad thoughts come from the demons. Black ashen creatures with large bat wings. Where as the good ideas come from the Angels. Those white robbed beautiful creatures with white bird like wings. (Note the inherent white supremacy within this widely accepted concept of Angelic creatures). A curious enough mind would pause and ask, why are these forces opposing and to what end? A few would rather concede that such things do not exist and are just pure religious mumbo-jumbo.

Personally, I know that these forces do exist. I also do know  that your thoughts are your own and consequently are your own responsibility. Suffice it to say, you are completely blamable for every single action. It is futile to inquire about this eternal battle, how it began and when it will end. Instead it is better to inquire on how to survive through it. Then what is the function of these beings? Firstly you have to understand the nature of man. You are made up of Duality. You  posses both Destructive and Constructive energies. You have a Spirit, who knows Good. Then you have a Soul, who knows the Bad. The Flesh is a container.

Knowing this, we then tackle the question of the function these beings:

1. Influence

When you form a thought due to whatever situation or even due to daydreaming(imagination) you emit an energy, which the angelic creatures can decode. Knowing what you are thinking, they motivate you accordingly. The choice you make is yours and so are your actions. In fact; the "think" process involves the influence much heavier than most people are aware. Watch yourself when you are trying to suppress a thought. You can choose to do the works of the Soul or the works of the Spirit.

2. Collect Prayer

When one is in prayer, it is either you pray to the Supreme Goodness or the Supreme Evil. When you pray, the  good messenger will jot down the prayer as said by the spirit or the soul. All prayers are burnt at the Alter of The Ultimate Supreme Being. Some have a sweet scent and some have a unpleasant one. There is no one else to whom your prayers go to.

The Supreme Being is Master over destruction and construction, All comes from Him. No one else. What happens during prayer is that when you pray for something good, the soul will rise up in protest. Filling your mind with questions. He will ask if you are really honest about what your saying,  or even question the rationality of your request. Even when you pray for evil, the spirit will rise up in protest and ask it's own set of questions. This is a higher level of the battle.

3. Assist in Divination

This applies to people with the Gifts. How these 'gifts' are gotten, is none of mine or your business, but its there. It is also false to even think that some gifts could come from anywhere else, except from the Supreme Being. No one else can bestow man with gifts. The angelic beings communicate directly with these gifted ones. In matters of either construction or destruction, it is up to the individual to elect. The process of divination can be anything from blessing holy water, blessing people, having visions, prophecy dream interpretations, healing, cursing, false prophecy, to witching. In essence, Divination is either Blessing or Cursing. You choose. You may imagine that it is easier to deal with things one is able to identify, but ask any gifted person if they have it easy.


1.To Bless: is to command the good spirits to follow that certain person or thing.
2.To Curse: is to command the evil spirits to follow that person or thing.

So in this battle of Good vs Evil, it is man who possesses both energies and is ultimately responsible for using them. It is not the "devil" who is evil, it is yourself. His situation is that he is going to be punished for his crimes, not your crimes. You will be punished for those. This is what Christ tried very hard to teach and has escaped mainstream spirituality. Man is evil, and so are his thoughts, but man can also be good and so can his thoughts. All well quoted Diviners from Moses to Daniel, said this time and again. Christ reiterated it. I have learned that as followers of the Christ we are utterly evil people. We take the Christ for a chump, instead of our Supreme Teacher Of Good whom we aught to follow to the letter.

Most of us think we can get away with overusing our evil energies, in His name. We assume that we don't need to necessarily follow the command of His Father, because Christ will forgive us. Forgetting that He specifically said "many of you say they know me, but truly I say unto you, many of you I will deny". So what is the purpose to life? What is the key to this battle? Seek to know Christ and on your way you will find The Supreme Ultimate Being. If your are not a skeptic about the Christ, then seek to know your Spirit, it knows it's maker. But, even this route will lead straight to Christ and his teachings.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Education in SA

South African Education: The Rot From Within

In light of recent events, as exposed by the media houses within the country, it seems as though our 'education system' is at a brink of or is at collapse. The question many have failed to ask amidst their passionate submissions about the subject is; did we actually have a system of education in the land? And if there was ever such a thing, did it work? I mean, we must have a litmus upon which we can deduct that the current system is, as it is being said, a failure. It is a healthy aspect of the 'humanity' to be emotional about things we feel passionate about. I for one am passionate about the education of ourselves and our children in this country we call South Africa. Yet, I refuse to be emotional about it.For, what purpose do emotions serve in such critical matters. Instead I choose to dissect the matter, as far as my mental capacity allows. *sigh*.

Education. What is education? Where does it come from? And who is it really for? Some background information tells me that this beast called Education, is in fact a lab product of psychologists such as B.F Skinner. The idea was to formulate a system of learning which was precise, methodical and manageable. For whom, remains a mystery. Essentially all flavors of the worlds education, come from Skinner and the likes. And as such the common thread among them is the lack off a holistic approach to learning. The focus is solely on how to make learning efficient. The rabbits and rats, 'who' were used for experimentation, to this day have no use for such a thing. You enter the schooling system and leave it having being bombarded with Terabytes of information, and have no idea what to use it for and how to use it.

So there exists a dislocation between learning and purpose. Which would explain why we have a low percentage of people in the world who are actually interested in learning, i.e. 3% of the world's population comprises of intellectuals. And this has been the case since the beginning of time. There has always been one or two wise men per village and yet life went on without a hitch. Fast forward to today, everyone is required to be a wise guy to function in the world, which brings me to another short coming of the system,the dislocation between talent and learning. There is no room for rooting out and enhancing ones talents in the current set up of education. You find that children who are extremely skilled learners are trapped in levels of schooling which undermine their abilities. This is a flaw of the Skinner approach to learning, grouping children by age stifles each individuals progress and also boldly assumes that all children at that particular age are not knowledgeable of certain information.

Educators complain about children not having an interest in reading. So the question becomes; why are our children not interested in books? This is not a phenomenon unique to South Africa. The USA did run into a similar problem in the 50s. They put their heads together and realized that the issue was not with the grades, but the lack of interest or the boredom that came with the material the children were given at schools. It is the same case for the Bantu community, the books we have a really not interesting to the children. Hence they end up in the dumpsters of Limpopo. Even as an adult I have difficulty reading boring books.

We can only count the number of people in this country who are truly interested in the art of teaching. Most people take up the profession as a 'way out' of bread-less-ness and into bread winning. So you get educators, ministers of education, education advisers and inspectors, who are not in the least interested in the actual education of our kids or ourselves. In reality teaching is not an attractive career to most of our people and I believe this is not because of lack of interest, rather it is the lack of pay. The profession is among the lowest paying of disciplines. A by-product of a system which does not cater for individual talent. It is also a fact that the post-Apartheid government has never been interested in educating the Bantu community, otherwise Bantu schools would not be sitting without proper resources.

You have to ask why there is so much investment into upgrading jailhouses. Shouldn't we be trying to invest more in methods of preventing the need for jailhouses in the first place? If this government can organize such things as the SADC, COP17, The FIFA world cup and NEPAD with ease, then it is clear that the expertise and funds to redesign the education system have always been there. So what we need to ask is; what exactly are the intentions of our government regarding education? Why are we having so much difficulty pinning down the most basic of all necessities? Having placed blame on the government and done so rightfully, let me examine this monster further.

There is one very critical causality of this rot in society, besides the government setup itself. The citizen. The bulk of the citizens in this country and continent(to be broad)is made up mostly of products of oppression. This causes the mental problem of overlooking very important things in life. The Africans simply attach all that is progress and civilization to their oppressors/masters. There is no real drive to improve our own communities, but there is a drive to migrate out of our communities. If we are really an honest people then we should question our insistence on sending our kids off to schools outside our communities. The excuse of 'better resources' is old and tired, stupid in fact. The schools outside our communities are in such desirable conditions because of the interest of the parents there. These colonialist folks do not sit and watch, should there be a deterioration in their schools. In fact they made sure that their governments back then built them the schools they wanted and with all the resources they needed. So what did the Bantu community do, now that it too has a government?

We aught to rethink our political positions as Bantu folks. We cannot keep playing the ballot game with people who care less about the conditions of our communities. Nor should we maintain our ineptitude in matters that affect us directly. Taking to the streets does not bring about any change. We have known this for years, yet we keep doing it and when we do, we never follow through. Perhaps it is time we reshuffled our political stand point. I submit that each black community should detach itself from all these self-profiting organizations and set up their own inter-community governing bodies. The idea that we can continue to sponsor people who are accountable to these organizations and not our communities, is indicative of lax thinking among ourselves. For how long are we going to keep migrating from our own communities? How long are we going to live next to broken down schools?