Thursday, October 11, 2012

A Take On Spirituality

On Evil vs Good


"Who among you evil ones, when his child asks for bread, would give them a stone..." - Matthew Chapter 7.

In the mind of the common man, there exists two conflicting worlds. There are Angels and Demons, most would agree. Who among you have gone forth and investigated how exactly these worlds function and how man eventually becomes caught in the crossfire?

Loosely, the imagination would have it that there are beings walking around, invisible to the naked eye, whose main purpose is to whisper ideas into your head. The bad thoughts come from the demons. Black ashen creatures with large bat wings. Where as the good ideas come from the Angels. Those white robbed beautiful creatures with white bird like wings. (Note the inherent white supremacy within this widely accepted concept of Angelic creatures). A curious enough mind would pause and ask, why are these forces opposing and to what end? A few would rather concede that such things do not exist and are just pure religious mumbo-jumbo.

Personally, I know that these forces do exist. I also do know  that your thoughts are your own and consequently are your own responsibility. Suffice it to say, you are completely blamable for every single action. It is futile to inquire about this eternal battle, how it began and when it will end. Instead it is better to inquire on how to survive through it. Then what is the function of these beings? Firstly you have to understand the nature of man. You are made up of Duality. You  posses both Destructive and Constructive energies. You have a Spirit, who knows Good. Then you have a Soul, who knows the Bad. The Flesh is a container.

Knowing this, we then tackle the question of the function these beings:

1. Influence

When you form a thought due to whatever situation or even due to daydreaming(imagination) you emit an energy, which the angelic creatures can decode. Knowing what you are thinking, they motivate you accordingly. The choice you make is yours and so are your actions. In fact; the "think" process involves the influence much heavier than most people are aware. Watch yourself when you are trying to suppress a thought. You can choose to do the works of the Soul or the works of the Spirit.

2. Collect Prayer

When one is in prayer, it is either you pray to the Supreme Goodness or the Supreme Evil. When you pray, the  good messenger will jot down the prayer as said by the spirit or the soul. All prayers are burnt at the Alter of The Ultimate Supreme Being. Some have a sweet scent and some have a unpleasant one. There is no one else to whom your prayers go to.

The Supreme Being is Master over destruction and construction, All comes from Him. No one else. What happens during prayer is that when you pray for something good, the soul will rise up in protest. Filling your mind with questions. He will ask if you are really honest about what your saying,  or even question the rationality of your request. Even when you pray for evil, the spirit will rise up in protest and ask it's own set of questions. This is a higher level of the battle.

3. Assist in Divination

This applies to people with the Gifts. How these 'gifts' are gotten, is none of mine or your business, but its there. It is also false to even think that some gifts could come from anywhere else, except from the Supreme Being. No one else can bestow man with gifts. The angelic beings communicate directly with these gifted ones. In matters of either construction or destruction, it is up to the individual to elect. The process of divination can be anything from blessing holy water, blessing people, having visions, prophecy dream interpretations, healing, cursing, false prophecy, to witching. In essence, Divination is either Blessing or Cursing. You choose. You may imagine that it is easier to deal with things one is able to identify, but ask any gifted person if they have it easy.


1.To Bless: is to command the good spirits to follow that certain person or thing.
2.To Curse: is to command the evil spirits to follow that person or thing.

So in this battle of Good vs Evil, it is man who possesses both energies and is ultimately responsible for using them. It is not the "devil" who is evil, it is yourself. His situation is that he is going to be punished for his crimes, not your crimes. You will be punished for those. This is what Christ tried very hard to teach and has escaped mainstream spirituality. Man is evil, and so are his thoughts, but man can also be good and so can his thoughts. All well quoted Diviners from Moses to Daniel, said this time and again. Christ reiterated it. I have learned that as followers of the Christ we are utterly evil people. We take the Christ for a chump, instead of our Supreme Teacher Of Good whom we aught to follow to the letter.

Most of us think we can get away with overusing our evil energies, in His name. We assume that we don't need to necessarily follow the command of His Father, because Christ will forgive us. Forgetting that He specifically said "many of you say they know me, but truly I say unto you, many of you I will deny". So what is the purpose to life? What is the key to this battle? Seek to know Christ and on your way you will find The Supreme Ultimate Being. If your are not a skeptic about the Christ, then seek to know your Spirit, it knows it's maker. But, even this route will lead straight to Christ and his teachings.

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