Friday, January 18, 2013

Bad Robot

Bad robot
The whole construct of government is very much similar to a learning robot. It used to function at a servant capacity, but now it has figured out that It knows too much to take orders from us. See, the decisions that these "clevers" make everyday are a testament to the fact that the government entity is comprised of individuals who strongly believe in the lack of basic intelligence within the populace(their employer). We put these clevers in positions of responsibility(not power). And as such, we can simply remove the battery. Why we lack the determination to take control of the situation is mind bending.
By now all governments of the world should have been dissolved and the people take matters into their own hands, instead of trusting the next guy to do something different. It's no secret that these so called 'leaders' take us for fools. And it is clear that we indeed behave in such a manner. The most damning aspect of it is the policing. These imbeciles called the police somehow forget that the issues we take to the street for, do directly affect them. A day shall come when these individuals in uniform realize that they aught to be behind every single protest. But that is far from today.

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