Monday, November 9, 2015

The de-Civilization of The Race and The Rise in Academic mumbo jumbo. PART1

I came into the world at a fringe of Slavery and freedom. The streets were aflame with burning tyres, and the blood and the tears, of my people, watered the grasses on the sidewalks. I can't for the life of me recall in my latent memory the details of all of it. But in my emotional memory I carry all of it. Any child born in the 80s in any South African township, like myself has and always will have a inexplicable mental tuning for the struggle and all things related. I theorize that we may have been the last stressed babies in the community. I digress.

Let us travel back in time. Say 17000BC. A time where the earth did not know Europe nor her maggot children. I can tell you that all that "is" today, mostly was "not" back then. The continent now called Africa had already given birth to innovation and civilizations. The reality is that there are many secrets held by Africa. Secrets your archaeologists may never uncover for that matter. And if ever they did, they would never understand. See, it is false to assume that the first civilization of Africa is exemplified by Khemet(whatever you children call it nowadays). In fact in 17000BC we had already changed our civilization strategy four times.

I want us to focus on the human intellect aspect in relation to the success of its civilizing. I will declare right away that, "human" is a concept that needs a total overhaul in it's entirety. We are not the same race as those who came forth by the genetic manipulation of Apes. Even they knew that very well and were pretty vocal about it, until the late 60s. I would also like to expand on that a bit. What you now call "Human" had been born out of a lab experiment. Labs are not unique to this age at all. When the ones you call 'black', reached the heights of their currently known civilization around 16994BC, a young ambitious man made an abominable discovery. This young man born under very strange circumstances, discovered a strange telling of history.

The story went like so: In the infancy of time and man, there was born to a woman a boy without a father. And at his birth it was discovered that he was evil incarnate. The woman was instructed to murder that boy, but she did not. instead choosing to hide with him, behind space and time. He grew fast and violence was his nature. He committed murder. There had never been murder at the time. Eventually he would kill his own mother. The boy grew to become the most feared being on the earth. Where men would instruct metals and stones to fashion certain ornaments and items, he would use fire to manipulate the metals and shape them at will. He would fashion weapons and other implements of killing. All this culminated to the first war ever visited upon the earth in 25300BC. Never had there been a thought or an idea of warfare until then. They say it all started when the king you now call "Heru", refused to allow this young man into the school of wisdom.

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