Tuesday, February 16, 2016

The Grand Architect

yep, you get the idea. Now pay attention. The Masons will as usual scoff and play possum, but what I am going to unleash here you need to know.

The Masons are wizards. The end. In fact a Lodge aught to be termed a Coven. There is a prevailing notion that somehow the Illuminati infiltrated the Masons or something of that nature. There is also a notion that Somehow Masonry was founded by an appreciation of Architecture or building. Misdirection. In fact the Illuminati and The Masons, always have been one. Those who found Masonry were not builders of anything as simple as structures. The Square and Compass are relatively new implements in European culture, but Masons claim Masonry to be as old as Egyptian pyramids. Note that.

The Masonic Square and Compass

Note that Washington wields a trowel, but where is the mortar?
The Builder's apron is another relatively new implement since 'man' started building.

If the Masonic Lodges are truly a club for masons, then we aught to have a situation where all builders and architects are in lodges. There would be no need for the "cloaks and daggers" attitude. So exclusive is the Freemasonry, that if you didn't know it existed you would die not ever noticing there's a lodge next door. See, I lived next to a few lodges and observed. Not much goes on to even suggest that this is a club of sorts. Yep, they like to believe they are a club, the Freemasons. So exactly what are they about? Who is this Grand Architect at the center of their gathering? You notice also that only prominent men of society are Freemasons.

Wizards used to wear aprons and gloves, when they immersed themselves in the art of potion mixing and incantations etc. See, the wizards of freemasonry are the 'heads' side of the international coin of Power. Power is not granted to such men as Europeans. It never was. Never will be. So they obtain it. The Masons job has been and always been to conjure out the schemes and plans for the acquisition of power. The Mason understands the fact that "all that is in the spirit will manifest in the physical reality". In the spirit the carry out all their work. Know that lodges are built directly on top of 'spiritual doorways/portals' never at random. If you were to map out all the world's known lodges, you'd get a nice geometric shape.

Which brings us to that very dodgy world of symbols. Symbols are used by witches and wizards, to perform certain tasks. Bring about a certain energy, summon a spirit, etc. That's what symbols are about and the masons are adept at that game. Understand then that the positions of these lodges are never accidental. Let us take an example of the Port Natal Masonic Lodge  on the Khuene&Nagel building. You will note that the Building in question is shaped like "π", a mathematical symbol. Very elaborate. That particular location for instance is one of 3 portals/doorways into the spiritual realm within the City of Durban.

The lodge in question specializes specifically in the acquisition of financial power. There, you can see the traffic of lizard creatures(chitawuli, Mkhulu Mutwa would call them), who go about fleecing the pockets of unsuspecting souls. I was amazed to find that one inyanga fellow, who antagonized me had one of these creatures in his lair. I digress. The Wizards at the Port Natal lodge are the key players in all the economics of the City of Durban and South Africa as a whole. They have another Setup on Argyle next to the sea, someday I'll explain what that one is for. I once decided to rough the chitawuli up as I walked past the lodge. I did that in order to observe where they would run to. Three centers they ran into. One on Argyle, One on Brickfield Road and The Lodge itself. Three portals. A triangle. From Pythagorus to Einstein, the Masons obsess over the triangle. Note that.

So then, who is this Grand Architect? It aught to be simple, but it is not. The common man is blind now, so the Wizards hide in plain sight. The Grand Architect of the Masons in none other than Azareal. A fallen arch. He is the one who taught them the art of Magi. He taught them things about the architecture of the earth. Vasco Da Gama a freeemason, left beacons on such sites on his voyages. And the name Natal had nothing to do with Christmas or anything of the sort. Natal speaks to the nature of the chakra point were are situated on top of in this region...

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